Dental Inlay/Onlay

What is a Dental Inlay and Onlay?

A dental inlay and dental onlay are tooth-colored restorations that fix an existing tooth that is too damaged to support a regular tooth filling, but not so much that it needs a dental crown.

While both a dental inlay and a dental onlay can often be used as an aesthetic alternative to amalgams (silver fillings), an inlay and onlay each have their own restoration purpose.

A dental inlay is a fairly routine procedure used to fill the space in between the cusps, or rounded edges, at the center of the tooth’s surface. A dental onlay works like an inlay but covers one or more cusps or the entire biting surface of the tooth. Because of their extensive coverage, dental onlays are sometimes referred to as “partial crowns.” However, what is not routine is that Wesley Dental can restore your failing tooth with a porcelain inlay or onlay in just one visit, bypassing temporaries and a additional final cementing of your inlay and or onlay.

Dr. Wesley uses materials such as, tooth-color composite resin or porcelain to create an inlay or onlay, which makes them aesthetically appealing and virtually undetectable to the naked eye. When porcelain is used for an inlay or onlay procedure the restoration tends to last longer but can also costs a bit more. Regardless of the material, inlays and onlays are more durable than amalgams (silver) or composite (tooth-colored) fillings and are used to try and save the tooth from further damage.

Same-Day Onlay/Inlay

Dental Onlay vs. a Dental Crown:

Dental onlays are generally used to conservatively repair teeth that have large defective fillings or have been damaged by decay or trauma. Dental onlays can be an ideal alternative to crowns because less tooth structure is removed in the preparation but over time, with an onlay restoration, you may weaken the tooth’s structure causing the tooth to break, crack or eventually lead to a root canal. When you’re faced with the choice between a large tooth filling, an onlay or a dental crown, do you save money now and risk major dental problems down the line or undergo possibly an unwanted dental treatment?

Dental restorations, such as a porcelain crown, fixed bridge or fixed partial denture may be a better solution than a dental onlay. You can also talk to Dr. Wesley about a more permanent restoration called an Implant-supported crown. After a thorough evaluation Dr. Wesley will suggest a solution that will best meet all your dental needs.

Why Choose Wesley Dental for your Dental Inlay or Onlay Procedure?

When choosing Wesley dental, you can expect that your inlay or onlay procedure will be done right here, in the comfort of our office, from start to finish in just one day. Equipped with the latest advanced technology, our E4D Dental System, allows for extremely precise digital scans and on-site custom designing and fabrication of your final porcelain inlay or onlay restoration. Implementing this method bypasses conventional, messy impressions, and temporary inlays or onlays, which require additional office visits to complete these procedures. Rest assured, you will be leaving our office with your final Inlay or Onlay. Dr. Wesley and his highly skilled team are able to raise the standard of care by following each step of your dental inlay or onlay restoration personally rather then relying on off-site dental lab facilities. Call us today, we look forward to serving all your dental needs.

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