Single Tooth Implant-Supported Crown

What is a single tooth implant-supported crown?

If you’re missing a single tooth and currently use a removable partial denture or tooth-supported crown, a permanent implant-supported crown may be a better alternative. An implant-supported crown looks and feels so natural, typically only you and your practitioner will know the difference. With an implant-supported crown, you no longer need to suffer from failing crowns or have to deal with the maintenance of a removable partial denture.

Single Tooth Replacement
Benefits of Implant-Supported Crowns
  • Looks, feels and performs similar to your natural tooth
  • Does not compromise your adjacent teeth to support a bridge
  • Preserves surrounding bone (replaces tooth root)*
  • Prevents bone collapse and jaw line recession*
  • Oral care same as a natural tooth
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Restores self-confidence and appearance
  • Immediately functioning teeth

*Claims based on previous studies and case reports

What is involved in the Implant-Supported Crown Procedure?

When you have a failing tooth and both the tooth and root are damaged, Dr. Wesley, will carefully evaluate and determine if you are a good candidate for an implant-supported crown. In this case, only one implant is needed. Timing is determined by each particular case but once the implant has been surgically placed, a crown is designed, fabricated and placed over the implant as a single unit. This implant solution looks and functions just like a natural tooth. The result is immediate. Full functioning teeth and renewed confidence! Make an appointment today to see if you are a candidate for this life-enhancing Implant procedure.


single tooth replacement

I am still amazed! Dr. Wesley extracted a tooth and placed an implant with zero pain! The instruments used made no noise! This was the best dental experience of my life!

Colleen K. | Leonard

Why Choose Wesley Dental for your Implant-Supported Crown Procedure?

Dr. Wesley received his certification in Implant Prosthodontics (the specialty of full-mouth restoration and correct oral function) nearly 29 years ago and has been successfully placing implants ever since. He has enhanced his techniques by adding the latest advanced Implant technology in his office, which allows for an even higher standard of patient care. Using this 3D technology, Dr. Wesley and qualified team are able to create surgical guides for exact implant placement. This 3D technology is also used to digitally design and fabricate ceramic crowns on-site, giving everyone at Wesley Dental the opportunity to control and personally follow each step of the implant procedure, ensuring the quality of care you deserve.

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